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$24.99 / report


Email a tenant the application form to collect their info and consent

Ready after tenant responds
Choose if landlord pays or tenant pays
Detailed credit and background check
Complimentary report review call
Get your money back when you upgrade to Rent Guarantee
Tenant can upload ID, proof of income, and pet photos
Customize application form

We email the tenant an Application Form to collect their info and consent.

$24.99 / report


Enter an applicant’s information and get a report back within 5 minutes.

Ready in under 5 minutes
Landlord pays
Detailed credit and background check
Complimentary report review call
Get your money back when you upgrade to Rent Guarantee

Download Rental Application Form

You will need tenant info and consent before you proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Below is the list of questions that can help clarify what the process entails.
What information do I need to order a report?
To order a report all you need is the tenants legal name, address, date of birth, and SIN or Driver’s License number, as well as consent to pull a credit report.

If you don’t have the tenant info, you can select the “ Invite a Tenant” option where we send them a form to collect their info and consent. When completed, the report will appear in the Landlords account.
When I invite a tenant, will my card be charged if the tenant doesn't respond?
No, when you invite a tenant, we do not charge your card, we only place a 7-day hold on it. When the tenant responds and fills out the invitation form, we then run the report and charge your card.

If the tenant does not respond, we release the hold after 5 days and do not charge your card.

In addition, you also have the option to CANCEL the order from your portal, or to RESEND the invitation to a different tenant.
Will I need to create a profile before or after ordering my first report?
To run a tenant report, you can start by entering tenant details or inviting them to fill out an online rental application. But remember, to access sensitive tenant credit info, you'll need to verify your identity due to credit bureau rules.

The verification is quick and easy! Just snap a picture of your ID and take a selfie. Your identity information is kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.
What if I need to run multiple reports?
To run multiple tenant reports at the same time, proceed to the next page by selecting one of the two options above, and then scroll to the bottom of the page and select "+ Add a Second Applicant". The pricing at the checkout page will reflect the number of reports ordered.
Do I need Tenant Consent to run their credit report?
Yes, to run a credit check on a prospective tenant you must have their written consent.

If you don’t have the tenant’s consent, you can invite them to fill out the application by selecting the “Invite Tenant” option. We will then send them an application form to collect their info and their consent.


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