Easy process to signup

Enter tenant and unit info

Fill in the tenant details and provide on the lease start date and what your monthly rent is

Upload required documents

You will need to upload the supporting tenant documents for qualification

Application review

Our team will review and follow up with next steps to complete enrollment


Once approved, we will send the Rent Guarantee Agreement to be signed and issue a certificate for your records

What’s included in the Rent Guarantee?

 Guaranteed Rent up to $60,000
 Damage Protection up to $10,000
 Lease Break Protection
 Eviction Cost Coverage

For full terms refer to the Rent Guarantee Agreement 

Will my tenant qualify?

Qualification criteria depends on whether this is a new or existing tenant.

New tenant (less than 12 months on lease)

For new tenants at least one member of the household is employed. Additonally, rent-to-income ratio cannot exceed 45%.

Existing tenant (more than 12 months on lease)

The only requirement we have is that the tenant has not missed a rent payment.

Documents required

To get approved instantly, the underwriter requires the following documents.

New tenant (less than 12 months on lease)

Tenant Credit Report - Any official Equifax or TransUnion credit report is accepted. This does not necessarily have to be a SingleKey report.

Tenant proof of income - Recent paystub(s), employment letter, recent tax return or recent bank statement showing tenant name and income.

Learn more about the SingleKey tenant report 

Existing tenant (more than 12 months on lease)

We require proof of payment to show that the tenant has not missed any recent rent payments.